Vanishing Treasures (Dogwood Alliance)

Sixty-five percent of the nation’s wetland forests are located in the Southern United States. They provide critical community benefits such as clean water, flood protection and a higher quality of life. They rank among the most important in the nation for carbon sequestration and biodiversity. Their protection is an urgent national conservation and climate priority. Despite their incalculable value to the region and the world, these wetland forests are disappearing, and they currently cover only 20% of their original range. We are at a critical juncture where collectively we must find the political and financial will to invest in the protection of these amazing places that give us so much. This document provides an overview of the need for conservation and how Dogwood Alliance is working to achieve conservation goals.

This is a Dogwood Alliance publication and does not necessarily reflect the views of all member organizations of the Wetland Forest Initiative.


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  1. ,I reside in Northern Illinois, about 30 miles west of Chicago. Bald Cypress, one of the key(if not THE KEY SPECIES)in your wetland forests is winter hardy here and thrives in most situations, especially wetland habitats. Do you recommend it’s increased use in ours and other similar habitats for the benefits you’ve expounded on?

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